The Little Prince and Viola

Yes, we know – there’s an obvious comparison to be made with the Little Prince whose journey took him to various planets inhabited by eccentric characters on his way to Earth.

the little prince by saint exupery

The original planet-hopper

But though we honour and are inspired by the humour and insights of Saint-Exupéry, Viola has never met him as far as we know and is travelling the galaxy under her own steam.

Besides, travellers wandering unknown territories and encountering strange characters who throw light on human behaviour is an old theme. Think, for instance, of the wonderful Gulliver’s Travels or even Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree!

The Little Prince has always been an inspiration for me though and taught me a lot, so much so that I wrote a song in his voice.

When I write stories for Viola it might be true that I project things hidden in my heart and mind, or remash stories from disparate sources, but mostly I feel like she is travelling inside me and I’m just reporting back.

Still, it’s not beyond imagining that Viola might encounter the Little Prince one day on his planet watching a sunset with his beloved rose, if she’s still there. What would Viola say to him? What would he make of her? Ah, the delightful possibilities of when two separate universes come into contact.

Which is pretty much what happens when any two given people meet when you think about it.



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