The Kissing Tribe

The Kissing Tribe is one of my oldest stories.

It was my first experiment with magical realism in storytelling and still when I tell the story, around 10% of those present believe it to the extent of asking me where they can find this village up in the foothills of Pakistan.

‘Ooh,’ I tell them, shaking my head, ‘I wouldn’t want the word to get out lest their way of life be disturbed…’

I loved this story so much that I wanted to tell it for Viola, too. Nadine had some trouble in visualising the tribe so we looked at pictures of tribal people in the Amazon and in Africa and nothing felt quite right.

Finally, we found the visual inspiration from modern tribal people – the hippies!

kissing tribe hippies comic

who kisses and hugs more than the hippies?

Being something of a hippie myself at times, it felt like the perfect match…

Read the Kissing Tribe comic!

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  • I’ve read this story on Tom’s website when I first met him. I loved it and got excited to introduce Viola to the kissing tribe.

    Isn’t it beautiful if we can only communicate with love rather than fight and kill each other?