Tom and Nadine Have Never Met

Nadine and I have been working together on Wandering Viola since November 2012 and we still haven’t met.

haiku drawingWe found each other on a thread I started over on and I followed the link she gave me to her work and found Viola. Nadine had already been working on Viola for some years back in Lebanon and specialized in haiku-style pictures that touched me deeply. I felt her passion and subtlety and let the stories germinate inside my imagination over the summer.

We talked about the epic on Skype and asked ourselves why on earth Viola might be wandering the universe as I proposed? Was she lost? Was she looking for something? Did she belong to a race of intergalactic travelers? We bounced the ideas back and forwards and  in the process we discovered what each of us found to be beautiful and true.

Wandering Viola, then, is a 21st century creation where 2 people from different backgrounds in different parts of the world can meet, collaborate and launch a media production without ever having met.

When you only meet someone via Skype, messenger and emails, you only get fragments of the picture. Without observing someone’s body language, the glint in their eye, maybe even their smell,  They remain at a distance, an echo of a voice behind a screen, a reflection of themselves in the lens of a camera.

But perhaps there are other ways of knowing someone. Nadine and I know each other through a sense of creativity, a sense of imagination and a shared love for storytelling. Separated by distance, we meet every time Viola lands on a new planet.

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  • It was/is the most beautiful creative work progress i’ve ever enjoyed,
    even though we haven’t met yet, we found our ways to work together, to
    inspire each other, to share ideas, to invent imaginary colorful worlds and give
    them life.