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The late Italian journalist, Tiziano Terzani, said in one his books that whenever he had to interview someone particularly intimidating – say, a corrupt president or a murderous general – then he would just visualise them sitting on the toilet to remind himself that they were only human.

web comic about kings and monkeys

Episode 4 of the epic!

It seems that we humans are very good at forgetting that they’re going to die one day and strut around the place with titles and letters after their name, proud of our exalted rank, qualifications and status. But really, we’re all just monkeys fooling around on stage.

Viola knows this, of course, though she is at first a little curious by the monkey she meets with a crown balanced lop-sided on his head. The fun soon wears thin by the time the second and the third monkey have marched in to bark their orders, and Viola is holding her breath in impatience. By the time the fourth monkey walks in it’s time to state the obvious, just like in the Emperor’s New Clothes and a huge fight begins as each monkey-king competes to be indignant.

Perhaps I wrote this story partly from watching so much of a Game of Thronesas the comic resonates with this idea of everyone trying to play King of the Castle!

We were probably influenced by the monkey-king of the Jungle book though if any of our monkeys could groove as well as he could Viola might have had a better time.

Take it away, Louis!

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