About Dear Dolu

Ellephant space comicIn Dear Dolu we get our first glimpse of where Viola comes from and why she’s on the road. We see monk-like figures sitting wit their eyes closed under trees, being led around by animals who seem to do most of the work, or at least so we might suppose as we see an elephant sweeping up. In fact, it seem that this elephant (who goes by the name of Dolu) is a good friend of Viola’s, so much so that she takes the time to send a space postcard written upon a little asteroid.

It’s been our intention from the beginning to frame the stories of the individual comics inside a wider epic and here we get the first indication that Viola is wandering for a reason. She’s opened her eyes to embrace uncertainty and surprise, as opposed to her father ‘and the rest’ who would prefer to keep their eyes closed…but why?

We won’t find out for several more episodes! Telling an epic with ten panels at a time is a slow affair as the story of Wandering Viola grows like a river filling drop by drop.

anti-war cartoon lebanon

“Why do we fight?”

Nadine had drawn Dolu a long time ago and was one of the companions of Viola that she loved to return to. We didn’t know what he was called when we decided to bring him into the story and we chose his name with all the deliberation of new parents. Dolu doesn’t talk aloud but whispers secretes through his long purple trunk into the ear of whoever is lucky enough to hear them.

Viola and Dolu are clearly very close and luckily, the Intergalactic Postal System seems to be working well…

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  • Ruchira Sehgal

    I love Dolu and his long trunk through which he whispers secrets. I love voila. I love your work and I love you both, Tom and Nadine 🙂