violaViola is a girl exploring the Universe one planet at a time.
With the help of her magic umbrella, she travels from world
to world meeting the strange, funny or inspiring people who live there.

Why is she wandering? Where does she come from? Will she ever go home? These are all questions that will become clear in future episodes…


About Nadine and Tom

NadineNadine is a Lebanese visual artist and the creator of Viola. She loves to create colorful worlds based on poetry and day dreams. In some ways, her art is an expression of the questions that she finds on her lips when she wakes up in the morning.
Her work focuses mainly on illustrating children’s books and “Wandering Viola” is her first comic.
You can learn more about Nadine’s work at www.nadinefeghaly.com.


Tom Thumb storytellerTom Thumb loves stories. Whether writing, reading or living them, stories are what make the world go round as far as he is concerned. Writing stories for Viola is like a dream come true.
You can read more of Tom’s stories and books here.




You can get in touch with Nadine and Tom here!