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About Dear Dolu

Ellephant space comic

In Dear Dolu we get our first glimpse of where Viola comes from and why she’s on the road. We see monk-like figures sitting wit their eyes closed under trees, being led around by animals who seem to do most of … Continue reading

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The Little Prince and Viola

the little prince by saint exupery

Yes, we know – there’s an obvious comparison to be made with the Little Prince whose journey took him to various planets inhabited by eccentric characters on his way to Earth. But though we honour and are inspired by the … Continue reading

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About Too Many Kings

web comic about kings and monkeys

The late Italian journalist, Tiziano Terzani, said in one his books that whenever he had to interview someone particularly intimidating – say, a corrupt president or a murderous general – then he would just visualise them sitting on the toilet … Continue reading

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Tom and Nadine Have Never Met

haiku drawing

Nadine and I have been working together on Wandering Viola since November 2012 and we still haven’t met. We found each other on a thread I started over on and I followed the link she gave me to her … Continue reading

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With Strings Attached

facebook comic satire

With Strings Attached is the comic we chose to launch with for a few reasons. As most of you will have probably guessed, it’s a comment on social networks and perhaps, Facebook in particular. The inspiration came before I learned how … Continue reading

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The Kissing Tribe

kissing tribe hippies comic

The Kissing Tribe is one of my oldest stories. It was my first experiment with magical realism in storytelling and still when I tell the story, around 10% of those present believe it to the extent of asking me where … Continue reading

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About Stars in Their Eyes

sufi comic

Stars in Their Eyes was the first story I wrote for Viola and was my first experimental journey into telling such a short tale. Normally, as a writer, you get to go on and on for pages without anyone interrupting … Continue reading

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Introducing Viola and How We Decided to Make a Web Comic

viola arabic art

I first met Viola when Nadine wrote to me about another project and sent me some links to her work. Nadine has been drawing Viola for years now, along with some characters from her universe, and it occurred to me … Continue reading

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